Finally! A productive day. I’ve been feeling a bit behind lately. And there is reason for it. As the holidays approach I am not nearly as ready as I want to be. This year I am making my gifts which I will reveal at a later time, I can’t ruin it! But until I complete my final exams I am struggling to find a schedule.

Last night I worked until 10pm or so and when my shift was done I headed out to the pub with some of my most amazing friends. 😉 It was a great night, though I didn’t plan on being out until 2am.

So naturally I slept in today delaying my productive day.

I still managed to complete most of my tasks however, so I am feeling pretty satisfied!

First on the agenda was to make breakfast… at noon. But it’s never too late for breakfast! I had some Bison that I needed to use up so I whipped up a simple “Bison Omelet” which did the trick. Knowing that I needed to put in at least 4 hours of studying I wanted to get a pot roast in the crockpot for tomorrow’s dinner. I found a great recipe HERE for a Coffee Pot Roast.

The Roast seared with onions and garlic beneath. This was taken before the coffee was added! I will let you know how it turns out.
The house smells amazing and we can’t wait to eat it!

After tummies were full and tomorrow’s dinner settled I headed to the coffee shop to study for what seems to be my never ending class of Exercise Physiology. Don’t get me wrong, the material is very interesting. The professor on the other hand, not so much. Big Bummer. And studying when you have a million other things on your To-Do list is not that easy…

Not so Fun… But it must be done!