Reducing Apple Cider for the Caramels
Now that Finals are over and the Holiday’s are here I am able to find the time to get back to posting! And there is plenty to share! I got together with my good friend Ashley to Don an apron and make Chocolate Cookies filled with Peppermint Frosting and Salted Apple Cider Caramels for our coworkers while enjoying a bit of champagne. It was a blast to say the least.
I started prepping food for our holiday party! I had so much to do and wasn’t sure I could get it all done. I barely did, but thanks to Andrew we managed to get through it all. While prepping our dear friend stopped by on his way from New York to see his family. It was great to catch up.
Now on to some fun recipes!
The Holiday Party Menu!
Bacon Candy – That’s right, I said Bacon Candy.
Chipotle-Roasted Baby Carrots
Charcuterie Cones
Butternut Squash Glazed Tart
Crudites a la Mexicaine
Individual recipes HERE
Holiday Party Photos 😉
My little set up. Notice my homemade wine bottle glasses? 😉 Sangria, Honey Whiskey, and Absinthe.
Looking good Jackson!
The guys broke out the 21 year old Glengoyne Whiskey!
My Salted Apple Cider Caramels didn’t set up but made a lovely sauce for Ice-cream!
All in all it was a lovely party, thanks everyone for coming!
Happy Holidays.