Well it’s the end of the long Holiday weekend. I hope that everyone had an amazing time! We did. The Paleo Thanksgiving turned out amazing. I am working on a “Recipes” tab here so that it will be easier to look up all of the past recipe posts. So bear with me as this blog is under a bit of construction! I am also coming up in Finals in the next three weeks, so time is a bit limited.

But here are a few photo highlights:
I feel like Suzy Homemaker.
There had to be some casualty throughout all of that cooking!
Lola knows what’s about to happen. Some good plate licking!
The Paleo spread. And the best part, I didn’t feel so full I couldn’t move! I felt so satisfied and went back for more in a few hours.
Me and my sister-in-law Maureen, thanks for helping me!
I was so happy to try to do this whole meal for Andrew, but I certainly couldn’t do it without him!
And lastly….
I will also be adding another tab with my Crossfit workouts, and Paleo/Crossfit results. I am not as in shape as I used to be. Life has gotten in the way… So to keep me on track and to have full disclosure I wanted to share my daily trials and successes that I am finally getting back to. If I am going to sit here and tell you that Paleo rocked my world, you may want to see how/why I feel that way right? Don’t just believe me, see the results. Today I hit the gym, here are a few of my “before” photos… Haha.
Time to get back on track. I love me some Crossfit and Paleo!


That’s right, I did a butt shot. Mortifying! (Can you see it in my face?). But if I am trying to show you that this works… this is an important visual. Hahaha. I am not sure I can say that with a straight face.
I still have a few tricks up my sleeve! Almost 30 and still kickin’. But its time to get back to feeling amazing and lifting heavy things.