I thought I’d chime in here a little while my wife endures the grind at home.  I’ve traveled to Florida to attend some training and education.  Soon we’ll have two homes for awhile as we both live in separate places for a few short months.  It’s tough maintaining a family and relationship under such conditions, but Courtney and I have proven it can be done time and again as long as there is love, understanding, and communication!

But in the meantime, what I wanted to share was what I am doing to stay in touch with my inner caveman.  I’m quite sure a lot of us do a fair amount of traveling whether for business or pleasure.  So, what can you do?  Often times you stay in hotels or other short term residences, or if you’re lucky (or have the desire to) stay with a friend in the area.  What I’m talking about here is access to a kitchen:  the primal eater’s home away from home.  I happen to be staying in a hotel suite with two queen beds, a TV, a two burner stove, sink, and refrigerator.  That’s not a lot to work with and half of it doesn’t help me cook.

The two burner stove.  No oven.

A peak at the Gulf Coast out the back.
We all know the challenge of eating out as primal eaters and it would be a personal decision (as everything with choosing to live as our ancestors did is) whether you want to fully tackle it.  Realistically, you will inevitably eat out while on the road or living away from home, just as you would at home if not more frequently.  That’s just what traveling compels you to do.  Courtney and I certainly enjoy our fair share of someone else doing the cooking, serving, and clean-up.  The point is I decided to do what I could to minimize eating out by demanding to stay someplace with some kind of cooking facility and of course cooking as many meals as the transient traveler’s lifestyle would allow.
My first night in town I checked into my room to scope it out and immediately made a trip to the store (having already eaten barely edible airport food that day).  Here’s what I got:
-Beef (some filets and sirloin)
-Stone-ground mustard
-Lea & Perrins Steak Sauce
-Coconut and Olive oils
-Mixed nuts
-Apple cider vinegar
-Salt and Pepper
(I also got some baking soda and castor oil for bathing)
This was my first trip to the store, but another point here is that I can be a pretty simple eater if the situation requires i.e. eating primal and saving some money.  Save for my relentless sweet tooth this round of food will last me at least for the week.
Filet with Steak Sauce, Sauteed Onions, and Carrots in the raw

This was meal number one for me and was quite good.  The filet was delicious and tender at about two inches thick; one was enough to satisfy me (must have felt more hungry than I was), which left me one leftover and one still in the package.  I cooked everything in a pan and a skillet and made sure to let the steaks rest to lock in the juice.  I did also have some Lea & Perrins steak sauce which was surprisingly free of chemicals and non-paleo ingredients.  It only had some corn starch down at the bottom of the list.  At less than two dollars for the bottle it was a great find and saved me from buying many other things to create flavor.

So, the rest of my meals will be a variation on this basic plan substituting some plantains, arugula salad, and bacon for variation.  I have the eggs for breakfast and a couple of other things to snack on, as well.

That said, I’m going out for some oysters (and ideally only oysters) with some friends and classmates tonight 🙂  The challenge and test are ever existent are they not?