I have suffered from anxiety for a lot of my life and never really attempted to do much about it until last year when I made the change to eating Paleo as well as going to Acupuncture. While I realize not everyone can afford acupuncture, even I can’t right now, what we can afford to do is take control of our food and drink intake.

After 3 months of Paleo in the beginning of 2011 (prior to my beginning acupuncture) I was not only looking amazing but I felt great. I slept better than I have in years, and I wanted to go to bed at a decent hour. That was huge for me! On top of that I began to notice my mood swings weren’t severe. Something really had to be out of the ordinary for me to be anxious, upset or worried. So I started to look into how food really can influence not only anxiety, but depression, and other more obvious issues such as body composition, weight loss, diabetes etc. The information from multiple studies and college courses that I have completed is at your fingertips! Why do you feel the way you do? Wouldn’t it be amazing to get off meds through nutritious and delicious food? I thought so too.

All that being said, like most of you I also sometimes don’t make the best choices. Over the holidays we ate like kings and queens, really trying to stick to Paleo, but we also drank. A lot. Too much and since the holidays I have had this burning desire to take back my control but have been feeling anxious, depressed and sluggish. Hmm… I wonder why.

This morning I could not get out of bed for the life of me. When I finally managed, around 11am, I was upset with myself. Negative talk kept coming through my head. “Why aren’t you doing what you know you want to? Why haven’t you really put in the effort to fuel your body properly?

When Andrew has to deploy or be away for a while I have noticed I don’t eat nearly enough food. My weight drops a bit lower than i’d like to see it. And at times, I don’t eat well either. I told myself this time would be different. So naturally, when I haven’t taken back my control, my self imposed negative thought process just began beating me up about why I wasn’t up and going.

Finally after snapping out of my sleepy haze, I took my brothers advice… “Change how you think. You can choose to think positively. So what if you didn’t do it yesterday? Do it today.” Duh. This seems so obvious. It’s totally and completely within my ability. Despite the negative effects lingering in my body from crap food and drink, (and yes by crap food I mean things like Subway) I had to take charge. It’s time to get going. So if you’re still with me this is where I began…

Breakfast – I hate breakfast foods, other than Bacon of course. I honestly don’t ever feel like eating in the morning, which is no bueno. So I started with a glass of warm water with some fresh ginger and juice of half of a lemon. This helps to settle your stomach acid first thing in the morning.

Then I began with a Banana, Kale and Lemon smoothie. See the recipe HERE

 Banana, Kale, and Lemon Smoothie!
Xox, Courtney