I can’t believe what a beautiful day it is here today in Chipiona, Spain! I am dreading just how hot it will get here in June, but for now, 80 degrees is just fine with me. Perfect pool/beach weather and we have both!

This week has been a really good week for me. Not only did I get to Skype with my husband, but I also got back on track with my food and workout routine. It feels amazing to cut out the ‘bad’ food and drinks during the week. My body is responding well in just a few days! Which is pure motivation or me. I forget sometimes how easy it can be to just feel good making easy adjustments. But enough about that! This may be a longer post, because there is so much to catch up on! I was in Israel last week and it was AMAZING! I have always wanted to go and finally was able to! It was quite the adventure for sure. Originally Andrew’s ship was supposed to pull into Israel, so we bought a ticket for me. What a great idea right? After we had purchased the ticket, the ship wasn’t sure they would be there and Andrew told me to find a friend, just in case so I wasn’t traveling alone. Introducing my very fun travel partner! Liz. I bought some furniture from Liz, and we spoke for roughly 20 minutes. I mentioned I was going and that the ship most likely wouldn’t be there. She immediately said she wanted to go! Of course I didn’t think she would actually do it. Who is that spontaneous?! But a few days later we were exchanging itineraries and bound for Israel! She has such a laid back and fun personality we really had a great time!

Prior to the trip I found out Andrew would indeed be there for a couple days, which was great news! We flew from Seville to Madrid, and stayed the night there for our flight the following day. We got into Israel late at night, and managed to get to the first apartment we were renting in Tel Aviv. Though it was late, it was time to find Falafel and Shwarma. What a good idea! It was the best Falafel I have ever had, and we met all sorts of people! Tel Aviv is the New York of Israel. That city never sleeps! So much energy and life! It was also music to my ears to hear Hebrew non-stop and see it on all of the signs. What a city. Needless to say we spent the first few days on the beach during the day and out at night!

We even went clubbing… Yes, you read that right. It was an experience. The male to female ratio was insane! 80% men, 20% women. Awkward much? But nonetheless we did happen upon some new friends who took us under their wing. We met some amazingly nice people while there! Very helpful, and willing to hang out with two old married ladies. πŸ˜‰

Andrew got to Tel Aviv a few days after we had been there and exhausted ourselves! So it was off to Jerusalem. It was so good to have him back in my arms! Even with the new mustache. πŸ˜‰ We hopped a bus to Jerusalem, which was not what we really expected. There were so many modern building amidst all of the history. The city is literally built into mountains. It was a tan/gold monochromatic city, yet breathtaking. Immediately after arriving at the hotel, we booked a tour of Masada (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masada). Unfortunately we lost Liz that day, but she met so many new people and had new adventures of her own! The tour was really amazing. Minus the gondola part to get up to it… I cried. As per usual. But this time there were no caipirinha’s at the top, like in Sugar Loaf mountain in Brazil! Boo. In all seriousness, our guide was witty and although the tour was quick it was really impressive. Thankfully I had Andrew to wipe my tears about the very idea of plummeting to my death, yes I thought that. And we got to see some very cool things!

A few more photos of Masada… The tour guide gave us these little peanut butter treats and birds just flew right up on your hands. You had to hold tight or they just plucked it from your fingers. Otherwise they would perch right on your and chow down. Pretty funny. The tour guide was very patient with me wanting to get the right photo op. πŸ™‚

After Masada, we finally got to do what I never thought I would, Float in the Dead Sea! Wow! And when they say, don’t get it in your eyes, mouth, or drink it because it is 15 times saltier than salt water, they weren’t kidding! I did manage to get it on my lips and it was brutal haha. But we slathered ourselves in mud, and marched over the very painful rocks to get into the water… And yes, you just float. Really cool! The entire landscape was amazing, breathtaking even. So cool!

After that we headed back to the hotel. The next day was spent in the old city Jerusalem at the Western Wall as well as the markets. The other two things I had to check off of my bucket list! Upon arriving at the Western Wall, I thought I had worn a conservative dress, until a young woman started shouting at me: “Lady, lady! You need to cover those up!” and handed me a blue top to wear over my dress… I felt awful! Haha. Cover ‘those’ up. Oye!

Eventually we made it back to Tel Aviv, as I had a very early flight. It was hard to leave my husband again. But it was so wonderful to see him and fall in love all over again. He’s the best thing in my life and I am truly blessed. More posts to come. If you made it this far through this one, thank you! I have lots more to post. But with volunteering in Dental, girls softball, and keeping my workouts and food current, I have been a bit strapped for time! XOX everyone. Blessings.