IMG_2531 copy At my sisters never-ending encouragement I am writing for my blog again. I really wish I was more like her. So much energy, dedication and determination. Meanwhile a year off in Spain has, admittedly, made me a bit lazy. <!–more–>

I have been in the middle of moving from Spain, to have a short stint in the States and to my final destination, Italy! For now, I am fresh off an Amtrak train, coach class of course, sitting in Kingston, Rhode Island waiting to see the love of my life! He is in a class for work and told me he would be late. So I decided to take the time and write about the last few weeks.

Andrew and I sadly moved out of our house in Chipiona, Spain and came back to the states for a month before we embark on our pilgrimage to Naples, Italy (and the rest of the world) for the next couple years!
Before we left a great friend of ours did a photo shoot for us to commemorate our time in Spain. The photos turned out lovely! A few for your viewing pleasure. 😉
IMG_2530 copy IMG_2531 copy
Sounds rough right? Well, the only way that there is a downside in this story is that I am exhausted! Three weeks ago, I got on a military Space-A cargo flight three weeks ago to get a free flight back to the US. Can’t complain because it was free (!!!), but it was pretty damn cold! No heat, “service” or much sleep on my part. I hate sleeping on planes. For those of you who don’t know, military members are afforded the opportunity to fly on military cargo flights, if they happen to be going in your general direction, and IF there is a space available one can hop on and endure. Hence the name Space-A (available). So I popped on the plane at a last minute notice and flew to Dover, DE. I landed at 3:30am, however wouldn’t ask my friends in Baltimore to be up and driving at that time of night/morning to come get me. We made an arrangement to pick me up at 9am. BEST friends ever, let me tell you!
From there we drove back to Baltimore to celebrate my dear friend Jason’s birthday! Also Daniel and Jason prepared my very own ‘inspiration room’ as I like to call it, in the house! Again, best friends ever.
My own room!
My own room!
The following day I hopped on another flight to Seattle, WA to go attempt to surprise my family, whom I hadn’t seen in about a year an a half and one of my best friends, Kristen, for her birthday and to meet her new baby G! And it worked! After creepily knocking on my family’s door at 11:30pm, my mom and dad answered and we all shed a tear or two! Wahoo! I finally pulled off a surprise!

As for Kristen, I simply sent her a text asking if I could meet Gordon that day, and her response was awesome! “You’re here? I thought you forgot my birthday!!” In my defense, I did post a “Happy Birthday. Your present is coming soon!!” on her Facebook page. I thought Facebook made everything official? No? Oops! Good intentions!  A few photos of the awesome time we got to spend together! 

Love at first sight.
K & G
Just out in the beautiful Seattle air!
I spent the better part of a week in WA. I got to spend some amazing quality time with one of my best and dearest friends, Miss Fine! We went downtown Seattle for a couple cocktails, a little trivia and all around good fun! I miss that city so much. I feel most at home in WA.

Downtown Seattle at Pike’s Place! It’s tradition!
Miss Fine and I at Pike’s Place Public Market!
Reflection time.
Reflection time.

After way too many Cheetos (thanks Dad!), an overindulgence in Mexican food, margaritas and some well needed family time, it was time to head back to Baltimore!

Once there I spent time with two of Andrew and I’s best friends. I attempted to help rehab their income property with my very limited skills. I got to see some friends I truly haven’t seen in years that I was on the Navy Female Run Team with back in 2003! What a crazy thought that we would happen to be in the same place at the same time! Lucky gals! I also got to see my friend Jen and her two girls who are doing beautifully! 

After a week in Baltimore, I got to pop back up to Dewey, DE for our dear friends 40th birthday! At this point I am incredibly exhausted and have had a massive head cold for about two weeks, but that is what happens when you’re burning the candle from both ends right? Worth it? Very. We had a great time, AND I got to see my husband who drove down for the celebrations from RI.

Bryan's 40th!
Bryan’s 40th!

The following day I headed back to Baltimore to spend more time with my friends. Because I was so sick I was in bed most of the day every day the week prior, so my darling husband was very understanding that I really wanted to see them and I am very thankful. One of our friends treated me to a show at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. the last night I was in Baltimore. We took the train into D.C. for an early dinner, a couple drinks and made some fun memories! We didn’t just go to any show though, we went to a play called Blithe Spirit, starring none other than the amazing, and one of my all-time favorite actresses, Angela Lansbury! What an incredible treat it was to see her in person! She made the show. Not only was it very well done, but hilarious as well. I highly recommend seeing it if you have the time and opportunity! 

Finally, I hopped on the afore mentioned train and headed up here to Rhode Island to stay with Andrew for the remainder of his class. It is beautiful and freezing! I’m posting pictures to Instagram as I create new memories here. Make sure to check out my friends and my Art Blog! Stay tuned! 

Jason and I at Matchbox in D.C.
Daniel, Fernando, Jason and I at Matchbox in D.C.
Until Next Time!

Blessings. Xox