Well, being back in the States has been fun and exhausting so far! Now that I am back with the hubster we are finding our groove again while living in a hotel. He is in class all day, and so I am left to keep myself busy and take advantage of the time off I have.

Yesterday morning I woke up to seagulls and sounds of the ocean. The day was perfectly beautiful and clear. Chilly, yet warmer than it had been as of late. It felt amazing to wake up with a smile on my face. So I jumped out of bed, grabbed some Greek yogurt and hit the gym with a vengeance. For some reason I was incredibly mentally focused and had a really great workout.

After sweating it out and feeling like I could conquer the world I thought to myself. “I can’t possibly waste such a beautiful day watching another episode of House Hunters on HGTV.” So I showered, put on my Sunday best and drove into Newport, parked the car and just began to walk. I have to say, I could live in this city. Though it is expensive, it makes up for it in charm and character. A classic seaside Navy town with incredible history.

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I walked a few miles until it began to get chilly again, and then headed back to the hotel hungry!

Speaking of being hungry, we definitely have some food challenges here…

Living in a hotel is nice because your bed gets made for you, and you don’t have to clean the bathroom. But let me tell you, when you have no kitchen and you simply can’t afford to eat out every night, or just don’t want to because you’re trying to stay healthy, living in a hotel takes some creativity. We bought a crockpot, which is completely illegal to have in the hotel apparently; we got a note saying so. Whoops! Well, sorry, I can’t afford to eat out here every night. It’s around $70 for two people, which as you can imagine, adds up very quickly. And no, sorry, I am not eating at any fast food chains. You couldn’t pay me to. I love myself too much haha. Subway would be the only exception when in a complete pinch. So that being said, I am breaking the law! I made a stew that has lasted us two days and is delicious. I’ve stocked our fridge with veggies, hummus, some fruit and yogurt and of course there is always the standby beef jerky and nuts. But now I need to get more creative. I only have a crockpot as I said and I cannot live on stew alone! So stay tuned for some meal posts on ‘How I lived in a hotel with no kitchen’ coming your way soon! 😉

Places to eat!

So far we have eaten out quite a bit in Newport thanks to it being Restaurant Week! First may I say that here in Newport things can definitely get a little expensive! Especially for two people! However, I haven’t had one thing that wasn’t worth paying for. Sure it’s pricey, but you are really getting what you pay for. In this case, a 3 course Prix Fixe menu, usually with one beverage included, for $35 per person. So yes, slightly expensive for two if you’re eating out quite a bit, which we have been with Andrew’s class. But it has been great! I apologize I have been slacking on my blogger duties and didn’t take any photos, but I have linked to each restaurant!

A few places worth mentioning…

This was a fantastic Mexican restaurant with great atmosphere and an extensive Mezcal selection! Very important if you are into tequila, mezcal or any of the like! We tend to be a little snobby, but it was to die for! The food was excellent. I had an avocado soup and some ceviche! I know Andrew has a big appetite, so I try to keep mine on the cheap since I can rarely eat a whole American sized portion! We went out with our dear friend Shrek, and ended up meeting others after dinner at the next place I’m about to mention.

One Pelham East
This is a local bar hangout with live music! It’s a great place to go if your energy is up, you love music and just want to hang out with your friends! I have met so many great people here already! I wish I were local. This is a go to spot if you’re feeling indecisive.

The Grille at 41 North
On my walk I stopped in here to just enjoy the view and a glass of Prosecco. I was feeling so upbeat, and like celebrating how cool things are in my life right now! I was just overcome with happiness. Cheesy right? Well, sometimes you have to take advantage of the fleeting emotions. I will say however, I had already eaten lunch, and thank goodness for it because this place was spendy! This is a great, I want to impress my significant other, kind of place. One glass of Prosecco was $15! O_O It is definitely fine dinning, but the staff was very friendly and I enjoyed my 30min there pondering life while staring at the sea. Not too shabby.

The Mooring Seafood & Bar

We didn’t eat here, just popped in for a cocktail while waiting for our table at Diego’s. The ambiance was very elevated, classy and again another upscale place that made you feel welcome and comfortable. Our bartender was awesome, patient and even learned a new cocktail from our friend Shrek. Always good conversation with him. He has recently gotten me very interested in reading some Hemingway!  Learn something new every day! Great spot to take someone you want to impress, if of course, that is your thing. 😉

The White Horse Tavern
Don’t let the ‘Tavern’ fool you. This place is elegant, classy and feels like somewhere George Washington would have had dinner at while in port. The food is incredibly elevated and very delicious. This was by far the largest price tag we have had thus far, and everyone at the table (party of 10 I think) were slightly shocked at their bill. So be prepared. That being said, I loved the restaurant, the service was impeccable. Don’t wear at hat, or leave your cellphone volume on in here. Just sit back, eat and enjoy.

Mama Lucia’s
Their website isn’t much, but their restaurant is cute, and dare I say charming. I am so excited about moving to Italy that I was very stoked to inhale some pasta tonight. Mine however was a bit of a let down. I had the butternut squash ravioli. It wasn’t bad by any means, perhaps I just should have gone with something more hearty as I was starving! Overall everyone was really impressed the the food, service and atmosphere here. I would definitely give it another shot. The staff knows their wines and are very helpful.

Perro Salado
By far my favorite place in Newport! The group had already come here before I arrived, but it was so good that they were all excited to take me here. And it did NOT disappoint! Emily was our server, and if you should happen to go here, ask for her, she is incredible. Quirky, all smiles and very approachable while knowing the menu very well. She was so great the first time the group came, I heard all about her before we went back! I had the beef tacos which were incredible! The group kept raving about the guacamole, and ordered that again. I am not a guac fan, so I can’t attest to it personally but the table was instantly in heaven, let me tell you! Definitely a place worth going!!!

Perry Mill Tavern
And last but not least thus far, is Perry Mill Tavern. This place was low key, comfortable and just a place to grab an after dinner whiskey and continue enjoying your friends and family. We played some amazing music that come from Muscle Shoals, AL, met some great locals who thought we were in a band and Andrew and I danced to some great music. It is casual without being offensive, inviting and warm. If you’re not looking for fancy, but want to enjoy, this is your place. I have to say I really enjoyed what someone thought we were in a band, and more so that I was the lead singer and/or the base player. Best compliment I have had in a while! I wish I was that talented! I do think though, that they were just really, shall we say, impressed with out jukebox music choices. I love music, as does my husband and Shrek so between the three of us, there were some seriously amazing tunes playing!

So far Rhode Island has been just what I have expected. Although I am excited for Italy, I know this place has  a little piece of my heart. A great, although pricey, Navy town worth your time. Can’t wait to tell you more soon!

Blessings. Xox!