As I have eluded to in a few of my recent posts we’ve been traveling around the US quite a bit making the rounds to see family and friends while we are in town.
This past weekend we went on quite the adventure. On Saturday morning we woke up to spitting snow and a chilly day all around. Not ideal for our plans, but we weren’t going to let that stop us!

We headed over to Fall River, MA around 9am because Andrew discovered that his favorite motorcycle leathers manufacturer was based only 20 minutes away from where we are staying. After dropping for my, admittedly embarrassing addiction to Starbucks, I was ready to see what Vanson Leathers had to offer. We parked in front of this very old and very abandoned building. Unsure whether or not we were in the right spot, we tried the old door anyway, and much to my amazement, we walked into a large open space warehouse filled with amazing quality jackets, pants, gloves, bags, wallets, and anything you can make out of leather, they have it.

Vanson Leathers
Vanson Leathers

Andrew was instantly drooling. Not to my amazement. 😉 While he tried on just about every jacket in the store, even though he has three motorcycle jackets already (not Vanson though), I walked around wanting to document the smaller ideas of the layout. They have jackets from Roadsters, British Punk to James Dean and more fashionable daily wear should that be your style! Artsy to the core here are  a few of my favorites!

British Punk
British Punk
A little more classic.
A little more classic.
Pattern making section where you can watch them create everything by hand. Really impressive!
Pattern making section where you can watch them create everything by hand. Really impressive!
A little of the factory.
A little of the factory.


Andrew narrowed it down to two jackets while I was trying on these delightful little purple gloves. It had crossed my mind that we could be in trouble when I realized the gloves were $120… I knew which jacket was meant for him immediately! And I will post a photo when we have the jacket in hand. When I asked how much the first one was the woman said, $789. WHAT?! Holy cow. Andrew’s face dropped a little at that price. That is a huge decision. Then I asked about the second, and in my awesome opinion, better, more well rounded jacket, she said somewhere around… well, less than $789. Again, Andrew and I both looked defeated.

But then I thought to myself, jeeze! This man works harder than anyone I know! He hasn’t bought himself a new article of clothing in, I don’t know how long. He is always deployed, working 24/7 on a ship or submarine. Sometimes you just have to indulge and what better place than here? At this moment! We were physically in the factory and when will we ever be back? He had to get it. And, he did. This still puts a huge smile on my face because that man gives me absolutely everything and doesn’t treat himself enough. I’m so stoked for him to get his bike and go for a long ride and just enjoy life a bit.

Next, on a new energy high, somewhat due to the purchase and probably mostly due to shock, we went to take a tour through Battleship Cove with his classmates. Fortunately we had a retired Naval Captain, Don who is so in love with Naval history that he really brought it to life for us as we wandered through USS Massachusetts, the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., submarine USS Lionfish. Although it was freezing cold inside and out, that didn’t hinder the beauty of the history we were inside. In fact, it enhanced it! Andrew couldn’t get enough of the history. ❤ I do love my man. 

A class of very awesome people and Naval Officers on tour of what makes our Navy so great.
A class of very awesome people and Naval Officers on tour of what makes our Navy so great.


History Geeks. ;)
History Geeks. 😉

We walked and climbed through these amazing vessels! Look at that deck? Can you imagine swabbing that on your hands and knees?! Impressively, volunteers who really take pride in our history continue to do so. These ships are from WW2. Incredible.


I have to say, although I didn’t serve on any Naval vessels I have so much respect for those who do. So my thanks to all of you.

After the tour we had a little lunch and Andrew and I continued our journey to New York City to visit some friends we haven’t seen in a year! A 3+ hour drive through some snow made it slow, but not too bad. My amazing hubby also took the time, because of my lame fandom, to stop in Mystic, CT to have a slice of pizza at the one and only Mystic Pizza! If you have no idea what I am talking about, that’s okay. I forgive you. ❤

This Happened!
This Happened!
This happened!
This happened!

We arrived in NYC late in the evening, hit the sack for an enjoyable Sunday waltzing around beautiful NYC!

Finally catching up with our friends Ryan and Anna was amazing! We went to their wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in January 2014. I have never seen a more beautiful place, or a more perfect couple! Sunday morning, after a rather snowy night, ended up being a beautifully crisp and sunny morning. What a day for brunch. We headed to a place with an extremely extensive line that was too chilly to stand in, but I couldn’t help but smile at all of the well dressed hipsters!

So we strolled through the farmers market and headed to Spring Natural Kitchen, who is known for their wholesome and unprocessed cooking. I highly recommend arriving before 10am if you would like a table. Very shortly after we were seated there was a line out the door! The food was incredible and the bloody mary’s and mimosa’s weren’t too shabby either. 😉

Honey Man


Spring Natural Kitchen Brunch

Feeling well fed and comfortable we continued to stroll through the Upper West side of New York. I love looking up towards the sky at all of the amazing architecture. It makes me feel so small, but I love to marvel and be reminded of what we are capable of for good as well as, for bad. But don’t look up for too long or you’ll miss some amazing basement shops and treats like, Levain where they sell rustic breads and their apparently world famous 6oz chocolate chip and walnut cookies! Of course we stopped in. While I am not a sweets person, my accomplices reveled in their flavor, the cookies that is. And they were huge! They will run you something around $4 a piece, however, it depends on how bad you want that cookie. Am I right?


With bellies packed about as full as we could get them we spent some time sitting around the fountain in Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Andrew and our friends caught up with each others lives while I sat, dreaming that just maybe I can see a ballet here one day… Le Sigh.  Beautiful relaxing area with so many different people strolling by on a beautiful day. New York in the Spring, though still chilly, is very comfortable and somewhat soothing which seems so strange to say. But it’s true.

The fountain in Lincoln Center



Great catching up with these guys!

Having spent a great day with some of our best friends made the snowy drive so worth it. What’s next you ask? Well none other than a little Boston, MA. Stay tuned.