Sunday, July 12th

Rest Day

Monday, July 13th


Feeling great today. How are you? Happy Monday!

1mi Run: 9:11

400m Hill Run
21 Hang Power Snatch
400m Hill Run
18 Hang Power Snatch
400m Hill Run
15 Hang Power Snatch

23:15 – slow today, but steady.

Tuesday, July 14th

Wanted to do something different today! So we went to Carney Park to play around. Beautifully sunny Tuesday for some tennis and baseball. We are terrible, but points for style.


Wednesday, July 15th

Trying to catch my breath! Way too hot outside. One day I’ll get my butt up early enough to workout before it gets this warm!

2mi run: 18:02

As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes of:

45 double unders
15 chest to bar pullups
Rest 1 minute
12 burpees
12 chest to bar pullups
Rest 1 minute
9calorie row (I did 10 weighted lunges @ 25lbs)
9 chest to bar pullups
Rest 1 minute


Total reps: 306


Thursday, July 16th

Light workout day today. Feeling determined and inspired.

2mi Warmup Run

10 min AMRAP
8 Stepups w/ 35lb bar, front rack; I used a 45lb bar
10 Push-ups
12 ABMATs; I did Toes to Bar

5 Rounds even for me.

In the evening, Andrew and I went out Kayaking in the Bay of Napoli with some friends. It was a beautiful experience. The sunset was stunning and the water was warm… Italy, so far, so good.

IMG_4703 IMG_4704

Friday, July 17th


Happy Friday!! Came to workout at a global gym today so I could do some more “traditional” exercises after my WOD.

1000m warmup row

KBs w/45lbs

KBs w/45lbs
Box Jumps @ 36″

KBs w/45lbd
Wall Balls w/14lbs

Leg extensions: 5×10 @ 50lbs
Seated Leg Press: 3×10 @ 145lbs
Flys 3×10
Lateral Raises 3×10
Bicep curls: 3×10
Obliques: 3×20
Back Extensions: 3×20

Saturday, July 18th

Handstand Practice, then

For time:

Buy in – handstand hold for 1 minute

600m run
15 toes to bar
25 shoulder press, 95/65lbs

400m run
15 toes to bar
25 push press, 95/65lbs

200m run
15 toes to bar
30 push jerks, 95/65lbs

After working out, it was time for the beach!