Weekly Workouts, July 19th-25th11737831_681449731985014_5950978364112334242_n

Sunday, July 19th

Yesterday we had an amazing day on the beach in Pinetamare, Italy with some really great people. Unfortunately by the end of the evening we discovered that our car was broken into, yet again! That is two times in Pinetamare and it makes me sad because I know some really fun people there that’d we’d love to hang out with, but the track record isn’t looking promising. On the positive note though, it was a very fun day!


Monday, July 20th

Back to the grind today!  Properly balancing my macronutrients is making a huge difference! Determined to hit 32 years old in the best shape of my life. And then keep going, striving, improving and smiling… ‪#‎onmyway‬ ‪#‎badassbodygoals‬‪#‎girlswholift‬

1mi run: 7:27 (I don’t know what got into me! But feeling great!)

50 Overhead Squats @ 65lbs
25 Burpees over the bar

Tuesday, July 21st


Super stoked to watch the Teen and Masters divisions at the ‪#‎crossfit‬ games starting today! Of course the women’s division will be amazing too! Ready to be inspired? I am!

Didn’t lift as heavy as I am probably capable of. Which resulted in me doing a second workout later in the evening.

2mi run for warm up.

WOD For Time:
30 Pull-ups (small red band)
30 Power Clean and Jerks (should be heavier, but I did 85lbs)
30 Handstand Push-ups (35/25 plates)

Time: 9:47

WOD #2:

2-A-Day for me! Unplanned but inspired by watching the Masters at the Crossfit Games.
1.5mi run –> 11:35 Then…

Two weeks ago I hit a 1 rep PR with – 151lb deadlift. I had never lifted over 145 in 4 years.

Today I did a 5×5 and 4×3 at 155lbs! Thanks Andrew.  What?!?!

‪#‎italy‬‪#‎relentless‬‪#‎eatyourmacros‬‪#‎naturalgrip‬‪#‎staypositive ‬‪#‎badassbodygoals‬

Wednesday, July 22nd

Spent today meal prepping for a friend/client as well as for our house! Pretty sore after two workouts yesterday, so I’m resting today. Pork chops, chicken fajitas, stuffed peppers, ground beef over eggplant, breakfasts and snacks prepped through Sunday. ‪#‎winning‬ ‪#‎eatyourmacros‬

Thursday, July 23rd

Still sore, so stretching today and allowing my muscles to recover. Went to lunch with a few awesome ladies and just enjoyed the day!

Friday, July 24th


TGIF! Light workout today. You can do most of these movements in your living room! That’s what I did. ‪#‎noexcuses‬

1mi run: 8:25
Tabata! 20sec work : 20 sec rest (x8) for each movement.

Strict Pullups – Rest 1min; 36 reps
Air Squats (w/ 25lb plate for me) – 1min rest; 84 reps
Push-ups – 1min rest; 74 reps
ABMATs – 1min rest; 88

5×3 Deadlifts @ 155lbs

I was restless on a rainy Friday night, so I went for a run.

2mi run in the rain: 15:52

Saturday, July 25th

I did NOTHING but watch the Crossfit Games. Lazy day, haha.