Weekly Workouts, July 26th – August 1st11800233_686193371510650_3874889979273289062_n

Sunday, July 26th

Went to the movies today to see the new Minion movie and eat horrible, yet delicious movie nachos! Boom. Awesome.

Monday, July 27th

I recently posted on Facebook how important nutrition is. I’ll use myself, today as an example. Lately my food has been on point, balanced making me look and feel exactly how I want to. This past weekend, we let our hair down, partook in wine, beer, pizza and even movie food. Result: My workout today was awful, I’m incredibly lethargic and a lovely soft layer has reappeared around my waist. It’s that simple and yes, that quick. Balance is key, I’m not beating myself up about having fun with great people, but it’s a hefty reminder how easy it is to get off track and how I feel when I do. That being said, it was a fun workout.

WOD: 5 Rounds
400m Run
10 Power Snatches @ 65lbs
10 Toes to bar

I wanted to be under 25min but it took me 27:00. Yikes!


Tuesday, July 28th

Another rough day recovering from the weekend. Not feeling 100%. I’ll get back there this week!


5min Handstand push-ups: 52
(2 25lb plates)
1.5mi run: 12:26 (Don’t have a tower)
3 min Push Jerks @ 85lbs: 16
(Should have been 105lbs, but that was too heavy)
2min Deadlifts: 31
1mij Hand release push-ups: 22

Not my best day, but it’s done.11811302_686576418139012_6878598910684665634_n

Wednesday, July 29th

Another great day biffing it on the box jumps! 11745785_685914554871865_5561349998540473313_n

1000M Row Warm-Up

WOD: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Thrusters @ 65lbs
Burpee Box Jumps at 36″

SWOD: Back Squat

Leg Press 5×10
Bicep Curls 5×10
Obliques 6×10
Flys 5×10

Thursday, July 30th 

Amazing husband as per usual. I’m having a tough week with motivation and Andrew comes home with beautiful flowers, to take me to do a little shopping and a thanks for all the hard work I do to keep us on track and thriving. Le sigh. Today I rested.

Friday, July 31st

Really rough week regarding motivation. Still pushing through, trying not to be in my head too much.

1mi warmup run

WOD: 4 Rounds – I was hoping for under 20min. Not so much. 23:39

25 KBS w/ 35lbs
25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
25 Push-ups
25 Air Squats

Saturday, August 1st

Still haven’t learned my lesson of not working out during the hottest part of the day. 😜 Slow and steady today. Should have been faster since these movements are in my wheelhouse. Not going to over analyze.


WOD: 3 Rounds for time:
400M Hill Run
50 Double Unders