11870914_692072784256042_1748924689857097468_nWeekly Workouts, August 9th-15th

Sunday, August 9th

Need more counter space in my kitchen! Repurposing an old island I found at a thrift store. Not ready to shell out €500 for a fancy marble one from Italy. Maybe next year. 😜
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Monday, August 10th


Really struggling lately with motivation and positivity. Some weeks are just off. Still going to push through though. ‪#‎no excuses‬

2mi Run: 17:02 😓

WOD: 7min
Snatch at 65lbs: 20 reps
Weighted Sit-ups w/ 25lbs: 20 reps
rest 3min
7 min: 4-6-8-10-12 reps
Overhead Squats at 65lbs: 40 reps
Weighted sit-ups w/ 25lbs: 40 reps

Tuesday, August 11th

Tuesday is better than Monday in my book. Even though my days seem to run together lately. But today is rainy and beautiful! Went for a WOD in the rain!
1mi Run
40 Hang Power Cleans w/ 75lbs
40 Handstand Push-ups (2 25lb plates)

Wednesday, August 12th

10lb PR on my Back Squat! 140lbs. Content although a little ugly.
Back Squat: 5-5-5-5-5
1mi run: 7:58
Toes to Bar
Double Unders

Thursday, August 13th

Hot and Humid out midday. Great workout!


Two rounds for time:
400m Hill Run
200m Hill Run w/ 20lb Medicine Ball
100m Barbell Hill Carry w/ 85lbs
100m Overhead Barbell Hill Carrry w: 45lbs
50m Lunges up Hill w/ 25lb Plate Overhead

3 Minute Rest in between.

12:24 and 13:13

Friday, August 14th

Didn’t feel like a heavy workout after my Wednesday’s killer and hauling furniture yesterday. So I did a light one. 😜

20 minute Booty AMRAP:

10 jumping squats
20 jumping lunges
20 bulgarian split squat with 45# barbell on back (10 per leg)
10 straight leg deadlift with 45# barbell
20 walking lunges with 45# barbell on back

4 Rounds + 10 Jump Squats

Saturday, August 15th


Rest Day!