IMG_3996It has been almost a year since I have posted anything. I began working as a civilian for the US Navy about a year ago as part of their Logistic Team for one of the Fleets. I was thrilled to finally have a job overseas! The hubster and I questioned whether or not I should accept the first job offer I had received, mainly because it was so low ranking on the civilian pay scale. I clearly had a ton of experience.
Me having a job overseas was strictly for me having structure to my day and not a financial necessity, although a welcome enhancement. I did accept the position. I picked up the various elements of the job very quickly. We were implementing a completely new requirement for the Navy, so it was excited to be part of the project from the ground up. However, staffing was an issue. Too many cooks in the kitchen if you will… and not one defined leader.

This posed a problem eventually when those of us in the ‘lower’ positions finally did get a boss. We knew more than she did and there was little thanks in the job. Not to mention we did find out later that she admitted hiring us at the pay level she did was a mistake and that when we did move on, the position would be reranked seven levels higher than it currently was! This is a huge difference in yearly salary! As you can imagine this was extremely frustrating. We were hired as military spouses, and so naturally we are only in one location for so long. So we would be leaving. They knew that. And this was just one of the many problems I was trying to untangle. Eventually, we decided that the stress I was bringing home from the job was not worth the pennies I was making in pay.

A few days before I handed in my resignation we had a new bit of news. We are pregnant! On top of everything else that was going on in my head… the difficult decision of whether or not I was making the right move, putting my husband (once again) in the position of being the sole breadwinner), and a lot of self worth insecurities, my mindset needed to change. We now had a whole new focus and purpose. Me especially.


I did resign from the position, and am determined to get back to the things that make me happy. Creativity, Art, Reading, Health and Travel are just a few of those things and I have to seize the opportunity I have that so many would love to have. Time. A lot of time. I haven’t done a great job of maximizing this gift, but I would really love to. I am still in apposition where my career is on hold as we live overseas, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do other things that I love.

So as we venture into this new world, I would like to share the good, bad, ugly, and wonderful with you dear reader. I’ll be playing catch up here as we are currently in our 13th week of pregnancy. You all know by now that fitness and nutrition are very important to me and I can’t imagine that changing. Pregnant or not. I want to document to the best of my ability the trials and tribulations of this process, what has worked, and what doesn’t. Of course at this point we are still traveling and enjoying and I hope to bring you those stories as well.