18 Weeks Pregnant

Can you believe that a 75 year old woman is going to travel from Oregon, USA to Naples, Italy?! Now no one has an excuse not to come visit! 😉 Needless to say, the workouts are going to be hit and miss while I have guests. We are squeezing in quite a bit of travel in the next 14 days!

Monday, September 19th 2016

Spent the day finishing up preparing the house for my Grandmother’s visit!

Tuesday, September 20th 2016

Warmup: 5x150m Sled Pull, Uphill (25lbs)

WOD: Not for time preggo’s, just do the work.
30 Deadlifts – 95lbs
15 Push-Ups
10 Jump Squats
20 Power Cleans – 95lbs
15 Push-Ups
10 Jump Squats

Accessory Work: 5×20
Plie Squats
Bulgarian Split Squats
Princess Lunges
Bicep Curls
Tricep Extensions”
Banded Leg Extensions

Wednesday – Sunday, September 21st-25th

With guests in town it has been a bit difficult to juggle everything. On top of that my dog is very sick with Cancer and a heart valve problem, so we are spending a lot of time at the vet and getting in as many snuggles as possible. My heart is breaking for her.  I had already booked a train to Florence for a few days a few months back, so I had to leave for that as well.