img_9758Monday & Tuesday, November 28th & 29th 2016

Today the little Squisher and I are headed to Germany to spend some time with the hubster who is there for work! I was planning on flying out tomorrow morning early, but my flight was cancelled. The only other flight offered was today. Needless to say, there wasn’t time to fit in a workout as I had to rush home, pack and get to the airport!

I didn’t end up getting to the hotel (2hours away from the Munich airport), until after midnight. So Tuesday was spent catching up on sleep! This week isn’t about training as much as it is enjoying the life of travel that we are so lucky to lead.

Wednesday, November 30th 2016

I did manage to find a Crossfit gym about 1mi from our hotel! Success. So I popped in for an evening session.

We did A LOT of warmup, which was awesome! It was pretty damn cold there and I was tight from sitting on a plane.

WOD: 2 Rounds

20kcal Row
20 Wallballs (20lb)
10 Burpees (Box for the pregnant belly)

Took me 9:47

Thursday & Friday, December 1st & 2nd 2016

img_9728Can you believe it is already December?! The Crossfit gym wasn’t open Thursday so I took the rental car and drove to the Christmas Markets in Nurmberg, Germany. This is the BEST Christmas Market in Germany. I have seen nothing else compare. The day was cold but beautiful. Friday I waited for the hubster to get done with work and we hopped into the car and headed to Prague for a couple days!

Saturday, December 3rd 2016

img_9715We did manage to find a Crossfit box in Prague, not too far from our Air B&B. So we jumped in there Saturday morning and completed the following work…

Row 2000m: 9:45 – I was happy being under 10min! However I did notice my abs coning a bit, so I think I will need to lay off the rower for the remainder of my pregnancy in an attempt to avoid Diastasis Recti.

5×20 Weighted Jumping Lunges
5×5 Weighted Chin-Ups – I couldn’t do these so I just did Glute Push Backs instead. 😉

Back Squats:
3 @ 90lbs
2 @ 100lbs
2 @ 110lbs
1 @120lbs
1 @ 125lbs
1 @ 135lbs – Prebaby body weight! I felt great today so these were not a challenge. Love it!

Sunday, December 4th 2016

Flew back to Italy today after a brief trip to Prague. Incredible life.