Monday, December 12th 2016

Started my week off right! 30 Weeks pregnant this week and time is flying by! But I felt awesome so I smashed my workout. I love these kind of days. I have gained 24lbs so far during this pregnancy and overall feel good about it. šŸ™‚

WOD: Modified DT – 5 Rounds

9 Deadlifts (85lbs)
6 Hang Power Cleans (85lbs)
3 Jerks (85lbs)

Followed by Pelvic Floor Work courtesy of BIRTHFIT.

I also did Lauren Salaun’s Booty Work! Check it out!

fullsizerenderTuesday, December 13th 2016

Rest Day

Wednesday, December 14th 2016

Just needed to move today. Baby boy hasn’t stopped moving, so sleep has been limited lately. But I just needed to do something to shake that lethargic feeling.

Pelvic Floor Work and Booty Work

30 Reps of the following:

Air Squats
Plie Squat (35lbs)
Bulgarian Lunges
Plie Squats
Single Leg Deadlift (35lbs)
Side Step Squat (Resistance Band)
Hip Thrusters (25lbs)

Thursday, December 15th 2016

Spent the day delivering Christmas goodies to my neighbors, landlords and friends. I have an amazing community around me and I was basking in it today. You can see that post here!

img_0560Friday, December 15th 2016

WOD: 3 Rounds
3 Snatches (65lbs)
6 Overhead Squats (65lbs)
9 Back Squats (65lbs)

Light and comfortable weight for me today. You can see the video on Instagram! I think I should have done 5 rounds… šŸ™‚

Saturday, December 16th 2016

Rest Day

img_0575Sunday, December 16th 2016

Got my new nursing sports bra from @Mummactiv and I love it! Definitely check out her site if you’re looking for pregnancy and post pregnancy workout clothes!

Running isn’t too comfortable for me lately as baby boy grows exponentially. So I set up my bike and bike stand to do a 20min Spin Class warm up. It kicked my ass! My legs were so cramped that I only did the following and called it a day!

30 Reps of each:

Front Squats (45lbs)
Glute Kick Backs (Band)
Hip Thrusters (35lb Plate)
Deadlifts (115lbs)
Reverse Lunges
Air Squats
KB Rows (35lbs)
Dumbbell Flys (15lbs)
Bicep Curls (15lbs)
Shoulder Press (15lbs)