dscf0843Living in Italy is pretty incredible. I am not going to lie. One of my favorite things about it is how grounded it keeps me. Sure, they have massive style grocery stores that you can shop in, but more often there are simple vegetable stands, butcher shop etc. I love being able to just walk to a local vendors vegetable stand from my house. It gives me time to think, reflect, plan and get out in the fresh air. In fact, this is exactly what I do every Monday. I grab my bags and set out to see what they have in store for me. Enjoying the crisp fresh air that we have right now, I just listen to music and try to get motivated for my day. Once I arrive, I survey what they have this week and get to buying.

Maria, a local farmer, loves to announce to everyone when I arrive. She explains that I am an American and I always shop at her stand! It cracks me up every time. I get completely embarrassed. This past week they didn’t have much in the way of spinach (which I usually clean them out of because I use it ALL of the time), but they did have radicchio and I had a head of cabbage just sitting in my fridge waiting to be transformed into sauerkraut. It’s still waiting, well most of it. Mainly because I am lazy.

I decided I haven’t had enough veggies and I was going to put these babies to work. So I made a slaw with a honey dressing to add a little sweetness to a rather bitter vegetable. This makes a good portion of food, so eat up! I added it to my mashed Cauliflower recipe and some quickly grilled steak for lunch! I am a firm believer in prepping food. This makes enough to put into containers as sides for lunches or dinners, is extremely inexpensive and delicious! Dig in.

Radicchio & Cabbage Slaw


1lb (16oz) Cabbage – Sliced into 1/4″ Pieces
2 Small Heads of Radicchio – Sliced into 1/4″ Pieces
3 TBS White Wine Vinegar
3 TBS Honey
1/3 Cup EVOO
Fresh Pepper
Himalayan Sea Salt



Whisk together all of the wet ingredients except EVOO. Once the honey and vinegar are mixed well, slowly pour in the olive oil while whisking until blended. Salt and pepper to taste.


Mix the cabbage, radicchio and dressing together in a serving bowl and refrigerate for 10minutes before serving. Boom. Done.