36 Weeks Pregnant

“You have your fathers face. That is all I could think as you were handed to me. Tears were streaming down my face as if I had never experienced so much love in one moment. All at once I was surrounded by your energy. Your presence. Figures moved swiftly yet, quietly around me, but I couldn’t see them clearly in my periphery. My attention was solely focused on you. I tried to feel your movements inside me, but they were no more. Instead you had joined us on the outside, but not yet fully disconnected with my body. It was only us, hearts pulsing together. You and I were simply face to face as I tried to absorb the moment. I knew you instantly and thoroughly. You are mine and I am yours. What an incredible presence and purpose you have. This soothing energy came from you in waves, much like your fathers energy. I couldn’t help but happily drown in them. It is as simple as this… I love you.”

It’s a dream and a spiritual moment I will never forget. I am more spiritually prepared than I ever thought I would be after having this experience. They say dreams become very vivid in your third trimester, and boy have they for me. I get goosebumps still when I replay this dream in my mind. As difficult as parenthood can and will be, I know it will be worth it. Feeling reflective and inspired by a boy I have only met in my dreams. My biggest fear throughout this so far was to feel disconnected from him when he joined us. I am good at not allowing positive emotions to surface. But that is no longer a fear of mine. I feel excited to see him in this realm.

Did you have vivd dreams during your pregnancy? I rarely, if ever, remember my dreams. This particular one was overwhelmingly clear. So very real that I already know what he looks like. Incredible.

Ready To Meet You, But No Rush