fullsizerender-6One of my favorite cooking fats to use is bacon fat. Now, I am not obsessed with bacon, nor do I eat it ALL the time like some Paleo lovers. But I do save the bacon fat in a mug and store it in the fridge. You know, just like great grandma used to do. It can add a ton of flavor to make even the pickiest of eaters enjoy their vegetables! And before you go ballistic on me about saturated fat content, you better do your research first! Let’s try and debunk that myth, shall we?

While I love Brussels Sprouts, they don’t always seem appealing. So I like to switch it up. Sometimes I make them a bit sweeter with pomegranate seeds and maple syrup. Other times I like a little sweet and bitter, so I’ll make them with cranberries. Today, savory was my calling, and so bacon and sprouts it was. These are delicious. If you have a picky eater, give this one a shot.


1 to 1.5lbs of Sprouts
2-3 Tbs of Fat of choice (Bacon fat, Ghee, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil etc.)
4 Slices of Bacon Diced (Raw)
Balsamic Vinegar as a Dressing


Preheat your over to 400°F (200°C)

Trim the ends and take off outer leaves of your sprouts. If you want, put these aside to make chips or freeze for a vegetable stock later!

Cut Sprouts in Half and pour in fat.

Sprinkle salt and pepper, and mix well.

Add chopped bacon to the pan and make sure all is in one layer in the pan.

Place in the oven. They should roast for about 25-30minutes. Set your timer for ever 10minutes so you can turn over the sprouts to prevent burning.

Once done, salt to taste. Drizzle on some Balsamic Vinegar if you like and dig in!