fullsizerenderI have to admit, I have gotten so caught up in this kid making his arrival in the world that I have been off my game. Unorganized, tired and definitely in a lull. Today we are currently at 40 weeks + 4days and I am impatient to say the least!

I have been meaning to do a post about how our nursery has turned out! My husband was amazingly supportive when I mentioned that I wanted to focus my intentions on this room as a creative outlet, and a way to express my energy throughout this process. I couldn’t be more thankful that he encouraged me to take it and run! I did so much research, maxed out my patience with Pinterest and tried to find inspiration in every country we have visited recently. All of this resulted in a room that I wasn’t expecting.

I was so sure that I was going to end up with a sophisticated, crisp, clean, white and gray nursery for this boy. Because, lets face it… he won’t remember this room, but I will. I wanted to create a room where we could make memories together but also looked like something out of a magazine haha. A room for just us. Something stylish that looked like it was designed by an interior designer. I had the confidence that I could do that. I was wrong, there are some people who have that talent, and it isn’t me. 🙂

Instead, I ended up with a room that my Mom described as “very me” when she saw it. Haha. Which means it is eclectic at best. It is a collage of old and new items, hand made items from loved ones , my artwork, and random finds from around the world. I have to say, it is pretty fun, though not what I expected. How do these people do such amazingly put together spaces?! I do love it though. It’s our space and that is what I wanted to create. A space where only positivity, love and peace is allowed. I hope you enjoy the photos!


The painting is one of my favorites by Alphonse Mucha entitled Cycles Perfecta and added some color to the very blue and grey mountain scape that my husband and I painted. We may or may not have asked our landlord beforehand. 😉

Shelving is from IKEA and we improvised (thank you Pinterest) by attaching a dish towel rack on to the bottom of one of the shelves for more storage.

The stunning “Be Brave” quilt was made by my mother! I am one lucky gal to have a very creative family who just also happens to love babies! I asked if she could make it, and boy did she deliver! It is by far one of my favorite items in the room!

The coffee bean bag is covering the radiator in the room. I found it for €5 in a coffee shop in Vienna, Austria.

Let’s just obsess a bit more on the quality of this quilt, shall we? I have no idea how she aligned all those points evenly.

The rocker and shelving you can find at IKEA, or order from them online. The lamb’s wool we picked up at the Christmas Market in Prague, Check Republic. It was so inexpensive there! In Nuremberg, Germany I wanted to buy one or two, but they wanted €100 a piece! We got this one for €40! I am kicking myself for not getting more. I’m a bit obsessed.

I also love the rug in the room. I found it at Maisons du Monde. They have beautiful items for your entire house!

The bunny door stop I came across in a gift shop believe it or not. The hubster and I had hiked and done some meditation at the Cliffs of Morh in Ireland. It was an incredible day! We found this little guy there and I had to have him. He’s made of Irish wool and weighed Maybe 3lbs. It remains one of my favorite items!

We’ve nicknamed the boy, “The Great Bambino” – No pressure kid. Hoping one day you’ll play for the Baltimore Orioles. 😉

Also made my by mother, are these beautiful bibs from my Great Grandmother Clara’s Vintage embroidery patterns. My heart melted when I got these, seven in all. I won’t be using them, but storing them for heirlooms in the distant future. As a child I used to practice embroidering these very patterns with my mom and grandmother. What a thoughtful gift, I’m teary writing about it!


The white BabyBay co-sleeper (now in our bedroom, see next photo) is from Natural Baby Shower and I will be reviewing it when we finally put it to use!

The dresser I found at a second hand store for €20. I added a fresh coat of pain and it was the perfect height and width for a changing table! We no longer have baby shower gifts blessing the top of it, but a changing pad and other essentials.

The mural was done by both my husband and me. Fun day!

Co-sleeping by BabyBay crib in our room. We now have a bamboo mattress and sheets. We’re ready!

These lovelies are the drawings I did for the great bambino’s nursery! They were so fun and ultimately what led me to adding every color under the sun to his room.

The receiving blankets & burp cloths were all handmade by my mother and family friend. So grateful for items like these! They are just so personal, don’t you think?

So that is it! We are ready and waiting for our little man to arrive. We also couldn’t be more thankful for our friends and family who have supported us and contributed all the necessities! All our love guys. Truly.