fullsizeoutput_2eddWho came up with the advice: “Sleep when your baby sleeps?” Seriously. In theory, I love this idea. In reality however, this is the only time to get things done without carrying your newborn around or running back to him every 2 minutes because he has once again spit out his pacifier and it has royally pissed him off. It took me an hour to lull Red to sleep this afternoon, and he slept for 20 minutes. #Momlife Who can relate? So I am sitting here, pumping milk, trying to write this post and tending to the pacifier. 🙂

Anywho, in that 20 minutes I did manage to make my new favorite drink. Sometimes you just need to put yourself first instead of that load of laundry (or five) you need to do. I am trying to ensure that I, not only remain in top form, but that I am also passing on the best to my son as I continue down this breastfeeding journey with him. I have often heard or turmeric latte’s and did some research while pregnant on the topic. Unfortunately I did read quite often that you shouldn’t drink them while pregnant. So I postponed it. Until now! It is an immunity booster, and since I am giving all of the good stuff to Red, I could use all of the help I can get. Turmeric is one of the most thoroughly researched plants in the world. Pretty interesting. I wish we put more money into funding research on medicinal plants, than chemical medicines. Don’t get me wrong, many have their place and we can be thankful for them, but as Hippocrates said, “Food is thy medicine.” I truly believe that. Along side this amazing goodness, are a few other amazingly healthy ingredients for you to enjoy.

fullsizeoutput_2edeThis makes a creamy and somewhat frothy drink. A good replacement if you’re trying to cut back on your coffee intake. I love my espresso, but of course, too much can really tax your adrenal glands. So why not give this a shot? I took the few minutes I had to myself to don comfy socks, flip through one of my favorite magazines, Willow & Sage and sip. Back to Mom duty. Take a minute for yourself today!









Turmeric: Fresh 1″ Piece or 3/4Tsp Powdered
Ginger: Fresh 1/2 Piece or 1/2Tsp Powdered
1.5Cups Almond Milk
Honey: 2Tsp
Vanilla Extract: 1Tsp
Cinnamon: To your taste/Garnish
Himalayan Sea Salt: One Pinch


Add everything to your blender and process until smooth and creamy.

Transfer to a pot on your stove to heat it up and serve!

You can also double the recipe and have it ready made for your morning tomorrow!