FullSizeRender-2I had been meaning to update this post for some time! But I needed to recreate it first for some better photos and information! I finally made the time to make my Roasted Strawberry Ice-Cream with a hint of Rosemary! The best part about it? No Ice Cream maker needed. It is Dairy and Artificial Sugar Free!
I have trouble not having a completely scheduled day. Let me rephrase that, I have a day laid out in my head. I know exactly what I want to accomplish. But my 6 month old son might have other plans. So I am slowly learning to relax into this new life… I did manage to finally get back to this dessert instead of making a sugar ladder Apple Crisp haha. Give this a shot! It is so delicious!

Organic Strawberries – 2 Pints
Coconut Milk (Full Fat) – 1 Can
Fresh Rosemary – I used 6 Sprigs
A bit of salt
Preheat oven at 350(F)/175(C)
Slice Strawberries and place them on a baking sheet
Lay Rosemary on top of Strawberries, covering as many as possible. My Rosemary is still small, so I didn’t have a ton to use today! Use more than in this photo if you can!
Bake for 25 minutes
Once Done Baking, Remove Rosemary. And no worries if you don’t get it all.
Throw those berries in a bowl and mash them up a bit, setting aside about a quarter of the berries in the fridge for a later step.
Mix mashed berries with Coconut Milk and a little bit of salt
Pour in an ice cube tray and set in the freezer for 3 hours until frozen, yet slightly soft
I wouldn’t go past 3 hours, or it will become too solid. You can even check them earlier. You’re looking for a solid yet soft texture.
Add cubes to food processor (or blender) and blend until smooth
Add the fresh berries you set aside earlier to the blender and pulse a few times. This makes all the difference in the world! It adds sweetness and texture.
Place in whatever serving dish you like, and dig in!
 I’d love to hear how yours turned out!
Blessed Be,