fullsizeoutput_1775If you’ve seen my recent post about our trip to Slovenia, this is the continuation! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this experience! I was looking through good ol’ Trip Advisor to find some things to do in Kolbarid, Slovenia. Since most of the activities here are rafting and parasailing, which would be amazing, we needed to find alternatives for a family with a baby. I doubt most rafting companies would allow a 6 month old haha. I came across Apitherapy Kozjak. But before I go into that, let me just note how much Slovenian’s LOVE bees! Most houses you drive or hike by have these colorful boxes in a small structure or even a large home built for the bees to live in. They love their bees like family. So much so, some build them a home. Should we all be so lucky.

I cannot explain enough how much I love this! My husband and I have talked about raising bees off and on, but never fully committed. Mainly because we move so often. We’ve wanted to do so because bee populations are dwindling in the United States. And as you may or may not know, we don’t have food without bees! It is incredibly important to help facilitate their repopulation. Documenting of bee activity and the honey they produce dates back thousands of years. Please, look into it if you’re interested! You can find a starting point here. Okay, off of my soap box and back to the point.

I had vaguely heard about different bee therapies, but had never done much research. However, the closer and closer I get to moving back to the United States, and my dreams of becoming an Acupuncturist coming to fruition, I am trying to experience different therapies around the world, that I could potentially offer. Key the bees!

The Bees Home & Treatment Cabin

We arrived at the beekeepers home (not pictured above) for the guided tour of, perhaps a small cabin to a human, but an incredible hive of bees! That’s right, the photo above? That is for the bees. Not only that, but you can actually stay in this home that offers windows into the hive where you can sleep to the soothing hum of the busy bees that never stop working until they are dead. Literally. Bees apparently only live 20 days and they work the entire time.


This particular hive housed 30-50,000 bees. Within that number there is one Queen Bee, and only about 2-3,000 males. The Queen’s purpose, to produce more bees, and the males is strictly for atmosphere. How fun is that?! It is the females who gather, guard, and create the incredible structure that is the hive. They produce the honey & beeswax among other things. Incredible. We enjoyed a guided tour of the facility and got very close to the bees without interrupting their important work where we would be asking for a sting. It was very safe. We even had our 6 month old son with us!

Different Types of Honey

After the tour, we were presented with tea, and offered several different honey’s and some bee pollen to taste. It is nothing like what you can find in a store. Incredible!

A Spoonful of Bee Pollen

When reading about Apitherapy, I was very curious about the Aerosol Inhalation Treatment. I was particularly curious what inhaling the atmosphere from a bee hive could do for your health.

Apitherapy is wide known and accepted and it is included in homeopathic treatment. The microclimate of the apiary has been upgraded by a special system of aerosol therapy ‒ natural, century-long treatment of respiratory illnesses. This kind of therapy consists of inhaling that produces a direct, rapid, intensive and local effect on the respiratory track. We can inhale the bee products directly form the centre of the apiary (the strongest aroma) via breathing tube.” –Ruševec

Treatment Room

And if that isn’t interesting enough, we also did the Honey Massage. Naively, I assumed this would be a traditional massage with honey. I thought, Wouldn’t that be sticky? Why would you do that? But of course I was going to do it! As it turns out, it isn’t your traditional massage. The point was not relaxation, but detoxification.  Instead of gliding the hands along the surface of the body in a fluid motion, a cupping-like action is used to push and pull on the skin to stimulation blood circulation as well as assist in excreting toxins from the body. After 30 minutes of this rather intense action, you can physically see an excretion from your skin. Incredible. It is not painful, but it certainly isn’t a relaxing massage. Not to fear however! If relaxation is what you’re in for, you can get a classical massage instead.


This incredible experience is set deep in the Soča Valley. After all of this, I NEED to know more, and I hope you’re curious too! Honey is one of natures most beneficial gifts, and those lady bees work hard to produce it, which in turn allows us to survive. I am eternally grateful for Mother Nature, and this is just one more reason why. If you’re ever in Kobarid, Slovenia please check this place out! Tilen, the beekeeper, spoke beautiful English and was very knowledgeable. You can also stay at an apartment they offer next door!

Surrounding Area of the Beekeepers Home
Surrounding Area of the Beekeepers Home

Enticing right?

Blessed Be,