Bridge of Napoleon

Yesterday my husband and I were joking around how the people here in Kobarid probably laugh at American’s when they already know our answer as they ask us, “So what brings you to Slovenia?” And unless you’re a worldly outdoor enthusiast, your answer is “Netflix.” We laugh because, while we don’t have TV in Italy, we do have Netflix and I am obsessed with the show “Chef’s Table.” And recently there was an episode filmed here about Chef Ana Ros, and her restaurant Hiša Franko. Now, we don’t travel around to go to fancy restaurants. So our true answer is, yes, Netflix, but we fell in love with the beauty of the Soča Valley in that episode, and I said, “We have to go there!” So there, we went. And to be fair, yes, I did manage to get us a reservation at Hiša Franko. Rumor is they are booked out a year in advance, so I didn’t actually think we would get in, however, they seem to be opening a bit early for us! So perhaps we are those people after all. So be it.

fullsizeoutput_173eWe flew from Naples to Trieste, rented a car and went for a quick drive to Slovenia. I had looked at the weather in advance, and it called for Thunderstorms. This sounded amazing as we were trying to beat the heat from Italy. We had no idea the monsoon of a storm we would be driving through that night. As we climbed up the steep mountain switchbacks trying to find our apartment, we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us, and I didn’t want to know how far the drop was to the left of the car. After some very careful driving by my husband, and admittedly some backseat driving from me, we finally made it. We snuggled in to ride out the incredibly impressive storm echoing through the 2200 meter high stones of Krn.

It was a stressful travel day, but amazing to wake up to the beauty of the valley below us. The goal of this trip was not to go play tourist too much, though there were a few things to go see. It was to relax, be in nature and unwind. So we slowly woke, made breakfast and snuggled the baby out on the terrace facing the impressive mountain watching the clouds roll over it. Eventually we made our way down the mountain into Kobarid to take a look around. The town is charming, clean and friendly.

Soča River


Not far out of town we stood atop the Bridge of Napoleon, a must see for everyone in the area! Although, I can imagine you couldn’t get a photo of it without tourists on it during the Summer, we managed to get a few. The bridge lays high above the Soča River. One of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

IMG_0796Later, despite our reluctance, because it was Redfield’s nap time, we decided to hike out to Slap Kozjak and it was very worth it. After a brisk 30 minute walk from town and into the woods, we came upon an impressive scene. Damp earth beneath our feet, towering rocks began to close us in a bit more tightly. Over a few slippery bridges, (which had this mom scared out of her mind about carrying the baby over them), we arrived in a grand opening to a rather impressive waterfall and pool at its feet hidden deep within the rocks. These are the moments to live for in life. Those ones that steal your breath and imprint in your memory forever.

Slap Kozjak, Kobarid, Slovenia

It was evening time, so there were only a few other people there. We actually had a few moments on the bridge to ourselves to take in the view, and change a diaper. Haha. A Mom’s job is never done. So we snapped this photo, because, why not?! You’re welcome.


Our next couple adventures are to come and I’d like to write separate posts on them, because they are worth it! Next up, Apitherapy, or Bee Therapy and of course, eating at the ever famous Hiša Franko.

Blessed Be,