Our time here in Italy is almost over. It’s sad but true. We’ve had some incredible adventures, and still a few more to come. We’re not done just yet. If anything, were really trying to go do and see as much as possible before the Summer months arrive and we head home. So today we headed about an hour and a half outside of Naples to Benevento, commune of Campania, into a little town called Solopaca. Mission? To buy all the vino!


The morning started like any other, a hungry bambino and the sun not yet shinning. Our goal was to begin our drive at Redfield’s first nap time, but instead, we napped too. Eventually we got on the road, hungry and perhaps a little cranky but the hubster doesn’t get many days off, so we need to take advantage where we can.

The roads seem to be miserably kept in most areas around Naples, so a bumpy ride it was. But the mountains, vineyards and Roman Aqueducts were enough distraction for any dreamer on a long drive.


We finally arrived to the place we’ve been told about for years. Cantina Solopaca. Here you can simply bring jugs of any size and fill them with whichever wine your palate is craving. They have, what looks like, gas station pumps out front of the cantina. You can taste what they have to offer, or simply fill up and head home. One of the red wines was only €1,70 a Liter ($2.12) And it was GOOD.

So why drive this far to taste wine when we live near several wineries? Well, the military will do an additional shipment with our move back to the US. Yep. A professional wine shipment! The catch? You must have a minimum of 70 bottles of wine in order to make it worth their time. This may seem like a lot, and potentially quite expensive… But not here in Italy. You can buy lovely wines for €2-€5 a bottle. That’s roughly $2.50-$6 per bottle. Of really amazing wine. Now, you can certainly spend a lot more. But since we needed a lot, this was a welcome spot!

We tasted a few of the red wines, and one white. All were delicious. We chose our favorites and made a “large” purchase but for pennies on the dollar of what you would spend on even semi decent wine in the United States. #winning

Those prices though!

Of course we will buy a few more specialty bottles from other cities where we will make a few more memories as we have in the past. You know, those wines that should only be opened on special occasions with our favorite people. I wish we had been better planners and done this as we went over the last couple years. But I suppose we chose to drink it instead. Overall, today was a success. Our stock is full. What an incredible opportunity we have been afforded.

Spaghetti alla Vongole, my favorite

Time for some pasta and vino. Saluti!

All Smiles