First Trimester

In Search of Acceptance and Self Love. First Trimester Thoughts.



14 Weeks at the Farmers Market in Baltimore, MD

My first Trimester flew by. I mean it. It was a circus of emotions and fears, exhaustion and identity confusion. It is important to me to really hash these out and make peace with them in order to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for labor and this new phase of my life. Acceptance of all of the feelings I have during pregnancy is completely and utterly essential to me. Ignoring social pressures of what makes, or will make, a good mother need to dissipate in my mind to allow for personal acceptance and confidence in my own abilities.



Life Happens.

IMG_9627It was just another June day at the office. Espresso laden, stressful, frustrating and I was on the brink of submitting my resignation… It is extremely difficult to find a job overseas and I was one of the lucky ones to be offered one. I don’t discount that. So it was extremely difficult for me to quit. My husband works his tail off every day and provides us with an incredible life. I am not used to being a dependent spouse but have had to adjust. So having a job has not only added well needed structure to my days, but helped with my self worth and allowed for a little extra financial cushion for our travels, and I do mean little. (more…)

I’m Back x 2

IMG_3996It has been almost a year since I have posted anything. I began working as a civilian for the US Navy about a year ago as part of their Logistic Team for one of the Fleets. I was thrilled to finally have a job overseas! The hubster and I questioned whether or not I should accept the first job offer I had received, mainly because it was so low ranking on the civilian pay scale. I clearly had a ton of experience. (more…)