Second Trimester

It’s a Boy! Didn’t you want to know?

28weekspregnant-1-of-130,000 feet in the air heading to Germany gives a girl time to reflect. I am heading up to spend time with my husband as he is here for a week and we are so sickeningly in love that we just couldn’t be apart. But seriously, I fall in love with him more every day as we continue to grow through this experience. It’s crazy. Could be the hormones, but I love it! Enough of that? Okay then, on to some recent thoughts.

As I close out my second trimester of pregnancy, my thoughts continue to deepen in every aspect of my life. As I had mentioned before, initial easy acceptance of being pregnant has been an uphill battle for me. That is not to say that I am not excited, but that there has been and is so much to process emotionally and mentally as our little man continues to grow in my belly. And boy am I processing. —>


Hospital vs. Home Birth


26 Weeks Pregnant – Be Present

I am discovering a lot about myself during this pregnancy process and it is hard to focus on writing about just one thing! But I will give it a shot in the hope that it is helpful for someone! It certainly is cathartic for me. So lets start with opinions and influences of society and others and our choice of where to give birth… As much as I don’t want others opinions on my choices, I also need to accept that people may choose differently than I do, and that their offering of advice or experience comes from a place of love and interest as well as ego. People love to have their life choices validated. Myself included. (more…)