Paleo Pot Roast with Gravy

fullsizerenderHappy Holidays to you! I hope that you’re celebrating with family and friends! We woke up on this Christmas morning with some motivation to get things done! The hubster had to work, yes, on Christmas. While this isn’t a new concept for me, it is important to remember that not everyone has their family around them during the Holidays. I want to wish those people a very happy holiday season and I hope that you’re able to enjoy and count your blessings regardless. You are certainly not alone!

I got up and started breakfast which was delicious! I love Julie Bower’s Paleo website and couldn’t recommend it enough! I use it, and her cookbooks often. My go to recipe for Christmas breakfast is —>


On the Road. Post by Andrew.

I thought I’d chime in here a little while my wife endures the grind at home.  I’ve traveled to Florida to attend some training and education.  Soon we’ll have two homes for awhile as we both live in separate places for a few short months.  It’s tough maintaining a family and relationship under such conditions, but Courtney and I have proven it can be done time and again as long as there is love, understanding, and communication! (more…)