Bone Broth Recipe

fullsizerenderWhy should you be making and consuming bone broth? Homemade broth is packed full of nutrients and amino acids that help support joint and intestinal health. And we all know by now that good health starts in the gut, right? If you didn’t, now you do. Google that shit, it really is fascinating. Broth is the foundation of a great soup too! But my favorite? Just warm up a coffee mug of broth and drink. So soothing and warming, I can’t get enough. It is an absolute superfood. You can find many websites touting the amazing properties of bone broth, just google it! —>


Chicken Thighs w/ Mustard Sauce

I don’t know what happened to my photos on this one, but I can tell you it was delicious!

Super simple recipe, and who doesn’t love mustard?! A quick note on Mustard, make sure that your mustard is sugar free! Check the ingredients on the label. Mustard is naturally good for regulating blood sugar and helping to lower high blood pressure. So make sure (more…)