Jicama Fries and Bacon

1 Jicama
1 Lime
Chili Powder



Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone! While I did have to work on Christmas we had to do something as a family! What better way to spend time with family than over food? So Paleo Apple-Caramel Pancakes it is! And it is never too late for breakfast. 🙂 I adopted this recipe from http://www.PaleOMG.com (as per usual JB’s food is amazing!). I did make a few alterations though… (more…)

Pork Chops with a Tomato & Fennel Sauce


After I got the Ice-Cream in the freezer it was time for dinner. I have been trying to choose what I consider to be “Odd” vegetables, and by odd I mean things I have never tried, or veggies with which I want to try something new and challenging. Today, that was Fennel. I have never eaten fennel to my knowledge and I was excited! (more…)