Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

fullsizerender-6One of my favorite cooking fats to use is bacon fat. Now, I am not obsessed with bacon, nor do I eat it ALL the time like some Paleo lovers. But I do save the bacon fat in a mug and store it in the fridge. You know, just like great grandma used to do. It can add a ton of flavor to make even the pickiest of eaters enjoy their vegetables! And before you go ballistic on me about saturated fat content, you better do your research first! Let’s try and debunk that myth, shall we?

While I love Brussels Sprouts, they don’t always —>


Asparagus & Mushrooms

fullsizerender-4I bought a ton of veggies the other day. Typically I walk to a local vendor near my house here in Italy. But I went  to the military base the other day, so I popped in to the American grocery store, which I am thankful for, however I don’t buy vegetables there normally. They ship vegetables from all over the world, when they could simply just get them in Italy! So instead, you get vegetables that aren’t fresh. In fact, often they go bad within a day or two and you’ve paid twice the price! That point being made, I knew I needed to use them up quickly —>

Cabbage with Apple & Onion Warm Salad

IMG_1320 2.jpgThis recipe is my new jam! Not a fan of cabbage? Don’t know what to do with cabbage? Try this recipe! It’s sweet and savory and it is so easy to make, especially after a long day. It also keeps well for meal prep. My husband loves sauerkraut. I mean LOVES it. I have discovered I like it as well after devouring it each time we visit Germany. The problem is I haven’t been able to recreate that perfect German sauerkraut. So until I find the perfect way to make it, this is a close substitute. We have been eating this every day lately. Give it a try! —>

Radicchio & Cabbage Slaw with Honey Dressing

dscf0843Living in Italy is pretty incredible. I am not going to lie. One of my favorite things about it is how grounded it keeps me. Sure, they have massive style grocery stores that you can shop in, but more often there are simple vegetable stands, butcher shop etc. I love being able to just walk to a local vendors vegetable stand from my house. —>

Perfect Mashed Cauliflower

dscf0835I am a fan of potatoes. In fact, I LOVE them. I crave them often. However, I do limit my intake of those delicious little guys for a few reasons; Potatoes have a high glycemic index, meaning they raise your blood sugar more quickly than say, sweet potatoes. To me, this is only an issue if you’re eating these baby in excess. —>