The Bees Knees & Apitherapy – Slovenia Part II

fullsizeoutput_1775If you’ve seen my recent post about our trip to Slovenia, this is the continuation! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this experience! I was looking through good ol’ Trip Advisor to find some things to do in Kolbarid, Slovenia. Since most of the activities here are rafting and parasailing, which would be amazing, we needed to find alternatives for a family with a baby. I doubt most rafting companies would allow a 6 month old haha. I came across Apitherapy Kozjak. —>


Thunderstorms and Waterfalls in Kobarid, Slovenia

Bridge of Napoleon

Yesterday my husband and I were joking around how the people here in Kobarid probably laugh at American’s when they already know our answer as they ask us, “So what brings you to Slovenia?” And unless you’re a worldly outdoor enthusiast, your answer is “Netflix.” We laugh because, while we don’t have TV in Italy, we do have Netflix and I am obsessed with the show “Chef’s Table.” And recently there was an episode filmed here about Chef Ana Ros, and her restaurant Hiša Franko. Now, we don’t travel around to go to fancy restaurants. So our true answer is, yes, Netflix, but —>

The Fanciful Life.

12039528_714066298723357_3918773973019199777_nMoonlit champagne bubbles sparkled in my glass as I wandered around a charming boutique downtown Napoli and I had the fleeting wish that my pocket book was just a tad more relaxed. Alas, I suppose I will settle for dreaming. I have a weakness for beautiful things and at the opening of Serein Concept Gallery, I was surrounded by them. Bold and colorful artwork, amazing jewelry that winked at you as you admired it under the lights and fabulously dressed people were the order of the evening.


Motorcycle Jackets and New York


As I have eluded to in a few of my recent posts we’ve been traveling around the US quite a bit making the rounds to see family and friends while we are in town.
This past weekend we went on quite the adventure. On Saturday morning we woke up to spitting snow and a chilly day all around. Not ideal for our plans, but we weren’t going to let that stop us! (more…)

Tangier, Morocco

While Andrew is often on the ship, they do pull into port often. Lucky for both of us! That way I can talk to him every few weeks or so. Right now he is just chill in’ with his only day off at the beach. That makes me really happy to know that he is getting some downtime. Before I delve into the trip to Tangier, may I first apologize for the formatting. I can’t seem to get the flow the way I want and spending another hour on it is not what I’m up for. 😉 On that note, last week a few of my lady friends decided to jump in the car (at 4am) and go to Morocco! (more…)