Our First Month with Red

fullsizeoutput_2ea2What a rollercoaster it has been! If you haven’t already read Redfield’s birth story, you can find it here. Things have been a bit crazy since bringing Red home from the hospital, to say the least. There hasn’t been much time to process everything, until now. Today Red is four weeks old! We are home enjoying the sunny Spring weather. But it took a lot to get to this day. Allow me to get you caught up. —>


Blueberry Muffins & an Italian Treat

I woke early this morning to receive a furniture delivery for my neighbors, who are back in the states for the holidays. Apparently I didn’t get up early enough, because the one time in the world that an Italian is not only on time, but early, happened today! When we lived in Spain deliveries, meals, guests or anything that you wanted on some sort of schedule would be scheduled with a time, but not a day. So be home at 10am every day until it is convenient for them to deliver/appear! This too happens in Italy, although typically you get the day you’re looking for, but things run at a slower pace. I have to remember that a break for espresso, three to ten times per day, is typical for Italians. I am serious.  3-10 espresso a day. However these guys must have stopped for their fix early because I didn’t even get my hair brushed and the shutters open before our buzzer rang at 745am! Oh well, up and at ’em. —>

Italian Grandma says eat, you eat!

img_0459This morning I pulled my sleepy, hardworking body out of bed early with the intention of being productive. The last few days I have felt a bit stuck. I am exhausted, and rightfully so. However, I don’t like the feeling that the day just got away from me. And the last few have. By the end of the day, all I have managed is a workout and a whole lot of cooking. While those are important, I have other things I need to be more proactive with.

Awake, I headed to our favorite cafe for my cappuccino and their wifi. There are a few loose ends I have been trying to tie up, and our internet has been intermittent at best lately. —>

It’s a Boy! Didn’t you want to know?

28weekspregnant-1-of-130,000 feet in the air heading to Germany gives a girl time to reflect. I am heading up to spend time with my husband as he is here for a week and we are so sickeningly in love that we just couldn’t be apart. But seriously, I fall in love with him more every day as we continue to grow through this experience. It’s crazy. Could be the hormones, but I love it! Enough of that? Okay then, on to some recent thoughts.

As I close out my second trimester of pregnancy, my thoughts continue to deepen in every aspect of my life. As I had mentioned before, initial easy acceptance of being pregnant has been an uphill battle for me. That is not to say that I am not excited, but that there has been and is so much to process emotionally and mentally as our little man continues to grow in my belly. And boy am I processing. —>