Redfield’s Nursery

fullsizerenderI have to admit, I have gotten so caught up in this kid making his arrival in the world that I have been off my game. Unorganized, tired and definitely in a lull. Today we are currently at 40 weeks + 4days and I am impatient to say the least!

I have been meaning to do a post about how our nursery has turned out! My husband was amazingly supportive when I mentioned that I wanted to focus my intentions on this room as a creative outlet, and a way to express my energy throughout this process. I couldn’t be more thankful that he encouraged me to take it and run! I did so much research, maxed out my patience with Pinterest and tried to find inspiration in every country we have visited recently. —>


I Met You In My Dreams


36 Weeks Pregnant

“You have your fathers face. That is all I could think as you were handed to me. Tears were streaming down my face as if I had never experienced so much love in one moment. All at once I was surrounded by your energy. Your presence. Figures moved swiftly yet, quietly around me, but I couldn’t see them clearly in my periphery. My attention was solely focused on you. —>

Italian Grandma says eat, you eat!

img_0459This morning I pulled my sleepy, hardworking body out of bed early with the intention of being productive. The last few days I have felt a bit stuck. I am exhausted, and rightfully so. However, I don’t like the feeling that the day just got away from me. And the last few have. By the end of the day, all I have managed is a workout and a whole lot of cooking. While those are important, I have other things I need to be more proactive with.

Awake, I headed to our favorite cafe for my cappuccino and their wifi. There are a few loose ends I have been trying to tie up, and our internet has been intermittent at best lately. —>